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precise in title

PRECISE Plant gene promoter sequences research made easy.
Size: 316 KB
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analysis Analyze plant research webpage promoter promoter  
Precise NavMenu NavMenu 2.0 is a .NET Server Control that generates small client side code
Size: 401KB
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file hider opera mini 3.2 opera menu getjar quick download  
Precise Logix Do A command line arithmetic expression evaluator that is useful as a quick calculator
Size: 30 KB
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calculator expression rank evaluator evaluator  
Precise Writer Type fewer keystrokes and produce accurate content faster.
Size: 39.28MB
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WAP browser speed booster song writer google map software  
Precise Math A simple and easy to use basic calculator
Size: 223 KB
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calculator calculate addition basic calculator  
Precise Calculator A tool which knows all usual mathematical functions, statistical functions, prime numbers, PI, matrices, complex numbers..
Size: 127137
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calculator scientific functions math calculator statistical  

precise in tags

HSL Selection This Adobe After Effects plugin can give you more control over selection processes.
Size: 108 KB
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select selection precise selection selection precision  
PowerVT The easy-to-use advanced terminal emulator for all Windows users, providing precise VT emulation to enable PCs to connect to DEC and UNIX hosts. PowerVT delivers precise VT320, VT220 and VT100 emulati
Size: 1,279K
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dec precise elipse precise selection precise  
Precise Time 2002 Precise Time 2002 is a small and easy to use tool to synchronize your computer's system clock to a high-precise internet time server. It can also act as a time server.
Size: 584.3 KB
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time server Small server time server check internet time  
KeyToSound - Precision EQ Your go-to EQ for precise equalization
Size: 5.1 MB
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equalizer Normalizer audio plugin colour EQ  
project_Auriga Use this application if you want to get a precise solar position.
Size: 769 KB
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map mapper position Sky beacon position precise elipse  
Printer Park Printer Park - Get precise information about printing in your organization
Size: 1.8 MB
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information print printer precise elipse precise selection  

precise in description

Precise Time Precise Time 2002 is an easy to use utility to synchronize your PC's system clock (which includes date and time) to a high-precise internet time server. These servers are powered by atomic clocks whic...
Size: 584 KB
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clock time synchronize Computer On Time System Time  
Precise (Prediction of Regulatory Cis-acting Elements) PRECISE is an acronym of Prediction of REgulatory CIS-acting Elements. PRECISE is Windows Software aimed at advanced mining of specific biological data, sequence data of DNA sequences that lie upstrea...
Size: 316.76K
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regulatory requirements CIS interpretation CIS interpreter  
Precise 100 AX Precise 100 AX: Precise 100 AX is a fingerprint reader for PC and network access control. Fingerprints replace passwords and make the logon procedure quick and easy for the user. By using Precise 100 ...
Size: 315.43K
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info-clear-thinking-made-visible correct use of words for precise meaning and more. If you write for a living or you want to be able to express your ideas in a precise way you will love this handy little e-book. 66 pages
Size: 1.1 MB
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isoblox isoblox is a sprite-based pseudo-3D isometric pixel art modeling tool that uses precise building blocks and a minimalist interface. The blocks snap to a grid aiding with precise construction and you c...
Size: 470 KB
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Create Creator generate wav2mp3 converter create 3D block  
Precise Math Precise Math is a lightweight and handy application that provides you with a simple basic calculator. Precise Math can be used for performing basic mathematical operations, such as additions, multipli...
Size: 223 KB
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calculator calculate addition basic calculator